Over the past 20 years or so, art has become not only a "collectable" but a genuine form of investment and many individuals and corporations include art works in the their investment portfolio.

Collecting works of art can be an exciting and satisfying experience and with professional guidance and direction, it can also become a financially rewarding exercise, both in the short and long term.

Wagner Art Gallery can offer clients advice on commencing a collection or building on an existing collection, in both the Corporate and private sector.

The growth of the primary and secondary art market and statistical information available, such as the Australian Art Market Movements Handbook published by Deutscher Menzies, in which Roger Dedman provides statistical information on the growth of the art market and individual artists, is an indication of the increased interest in art as a form of investment, and the need to be properly informed.

In order to maximise your investment, it is necessary to obtain professional advice and guidelines, not only in the selection of artists and their artwork but also for the entity in which those works are to be acquired, be it, as individuals, companies, trusts or superannuation funds.

Consideration has to be given to the impact of :
- Income tax
- Capital Gains Tax
- Superannuation guidelines as set out by the Australian Taxation Office
- Family relationships
and a number of other factors.

Wagner Art Gallery can assist you in the selection of artists and their works and can put you in touch with experts in the fields of Taxation and Superannuation, to advise and guide you.

  - Burnt Wheat Stubble 1
Arthur Boyd Burnt Wheat Stubble 1 circa 1949 oil on board 12 x 22cm

  - Burnt Wheat Stubble 2
Arthur Boyd Burnt Wheat Stubble 2 circa 1949 oil on board 12 x 22cm

  - Wimmera Landscape
Arthur Boyd Australian Landscape No. 1 c.1994 oil on board 90 x 120cm

Margaret Olley - Tamarillos
Margaret Olley Tamarillos oil on board 44 x 51cm

  - Study for Mosque 2
John Coburn Study for Mosque 3 watercolour on paper 52 x 62cm

  - Man with Halo c.1960
Sidney Nolan Man with Halo c.1960 conte on paper 29.5 x 23cm

  - Rocky Landscape
William Boissevain Rocky Landscape oil on board 92 x 120cm

  - Scene With a Bird 1980
Robert Juniper Scene With a Bird 1980 acrylic and charcoal on Belgian linen 183 x 183cm

  - Workings at Mosquito Flat (1982)
Robert Juniper Workings at Mosquito Flat 1982 oil and acrylic on Belgian linen 122 x 152cm

  - Lawrence in the Landscape 1991
Robert Juniper Lawrence in the Landscape 1991 oil and acrylic on Belgian linen with gold leaf 91 x 91cm

  - Beaching the Boats
Robert Juniper Beaching the Boats oil an acrylic on linen 120 x 107cm

Robert Juniper - Sand Dunes
Robert Juniper Sand Dunes graphite on paper 72 x 55cm

Robert Juniper - Two Nudes
Robert Juniper Two Nudes graphite on paper 74 x 54cm

Robert Juniper - Walkabout - BilbulmunTrack
Robert Juniper Walkabout - BilbulmunTrack oil and acrylic on belgian linen 90 x 122cm

Robert Juniper - A Pearl Family - Broome
Robert Juniper A Pearl Family - Broome, 1989. Pencil and graphite on aquarelle satine, 56 x 76cm