Vienna born Judy Cassab was raised by her grandparents in Hungary. Migrating to Australia after World War II, Judy has become one of Australia’s best known portraitists. Three times winner of the coveted Archibald Prize, she has steadfastly followed her own path with a personal style that is accessible and easily recognised. Known in particular for her insightful portraits of fellow artists and public figures from the arts community, Judy has documented a journey through nearly fifty years of Australian artistic achievement.

  - Figure with Boab tree
Figure with Boab tree pastel watercolour and gouache on paper 43 x 24cm

  - Lovers Resting
Lovers Resting ink on silk paper 59 x 72 cm

  - Sitting Nude
Sitting Nude pastel on paper 61 x 46cm

  - A Woman in Tangerine Scarf - 2008
Woman in Tangerine Scarf oil on canvas 50 x 40cm

  - Max Ernst at the Pompidou
Max Ernst at the Pompidou charcoal and ink on paper 64 x 49cm

  - Max Ernst at the Pompidou with Terrace and Paris Houses
Max Ernst at the Pompidou with Terrace and Paris Houses pastel and watercolour on paper 73 x 50cm

Sandstone Cave, Coonabarrabran oil on canvas 75 x 105cm

  - Nude Dreaming
Nude Dreaming watercolour and ink 21 x 30cm

Patterned Rocks, Rainbow Valley watercolour 75 x 105cm

The Source - Rainbow Valley watercolour on paper 75 x 105cm

Still Life with Sculpture oil on canvas 91 x 71cm

Climbing the Sandstone Caves oil on canvas laid on board 75 x 105cm

Dark Sky over Rainbow Valley - 2002 watercolour on paper 20 x 29cm

Detail of Rainbow Valley - 2002, watercolour 20 x 29cm

Opera House and Balcony - 2001, oil on paper 36 x 27cm

The Blue Shirt - 2008 oil on canvas 50 x 60cm

        Previously Available:

Pink Lilies oil on canvas 86 x 63cm SOLD

Evening over the Gully, oil on paper 34 x 26cm SOLD

Nude with Arms Raised - 1994 monotype 28 x 38cm SOLD

Nude with Michaelangelo - 2004 oil on paper 35 x 30cm SOLD

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