As a young child Charlotte Boyd began sculpting and studying the technique of her father, sculptor Guy Boyd. Now an accomplished artist in her own right, Charlotte has had numerous solo exhibitions and participated in a variety of group shows in Australia and overseas. Her work is held by many art collections in Australia and overseas.

Charlotte's ceramic and bronze figures are inspired by family life and her interest and passion for dance and gymnastics. The fluid, gestural shapes of Charlotte’s figures are beautifully elegant and convey, with simplicity, the joy of movement and shared experiences.

My passion is observing people and their energy, then capturing that energy in a particular movement and making it three dimensional. I am particularly drawn to making sculptures which show all the dimensions and physical angles of the figure in action. (Charlotte Boyd)

Gymnast bronze sculpture 4/24 96 x 74cm

Charlotte Boyd - Walking the Dog
Walking the Dog bronze 40 x 30 x 12cm

Charlotte Boyd - Joy
Joy bronze 34 x 15 x 10cm

Charlotte Boyd - Family
Family bronze 28 x 50 x 33cm

On the Shore with Mother's Guidance limited edition bronze sculpture 2/24

Ballet Dancer bronze sculpture 1/24 135cm high

Grace bronze 1/24 80 x 70 x 80cm

Girl on a Swing bronze 1/12 28 x 27 x 18cm

Footballer bronze 1/24 52 x 40 x 19cm

  - Girl with Hula Hoop
Girl with Hula Hoop Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture 1/12 40 x 20 x 20cm

        Previously Available:

  - Child Greeting Mother
Child Greeting Mother glazed ceramic 22 x 20 x 9cm SOLD

  - Family circle
Family Circle glazed ceramic 30 x 21 x 16cm SOLD

Charlotte Boyd - Girl Carrying Cat
Girl Carrying Cat glazed ceramic 50 x 15 x 15cm SOLD

Charlotte Boyd - Boy Hugging Dog
Boy Hugging Dog glazed ceramic 23 x 22 x 11cm SOLD

Charlotte Boyd - Women Greeting
Women Greeting glazed ceramic 26 x 13 x 11cm SOLD

Charlotte Boyd -
Boy Holding Dog glazed ceramic 24.6 x 18.6 x 8cm SOLD

Charlotte Boyd - Dog Jumping on Boy
Dog Jumping on Boy glazed ceramic 22 x 23 x 8cm SOLD

Charlotte Boyd - Small Child on Girl?s Back
Small Child on Girl?s Back glazed ceramic 23 x 26 x 6cm SOLD

Charlotte Boyd - Girl Playing Ball With Dog
Girl Playing Ball With Dog glazed ceramic 22 x 18 x 7cm SOLD

Charlotte Boyd - Children in Tree
Children in Tree glazed ceramic 26 x 21 x 9cm SOLD

Charlotte Boyd - Girl Holding Cat
Girl Holding Cat glazed ceramic 17 x 14 x 8cm SOLD

Charlotte Boyd - Women Greeting
Women Greeting glazed ceramic 26 x 13 x 11cm SOLD

Skipping Girl bronze 2/12 43 x 22 x 18cm SOLD

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