Born in 1938, Kathleen Petyarre, an Anmatyerre speaker from Atnangkere, began painting in 1988 when she took part in a CAAMA Summer Project; prior to this she worked in Batik.  Kathleen explores the Australian landscape using a layering of fine dot like forms that create optical intensity.  Her work is currently increasingly sort after and is in demand in the secondary market.

  - Mountain Lizard
Mountain Lizard acrylic on canvas 126 x 201cm

  - Mountain Devil Lizard
Mountain Devil Lizard acrylic on canvas 121 x 200cm

Arnkerrthe, Mountain Devil Lizard - 2005 acrylic on canvas 229 x 126cm

My Country - Bush Seed Dreaming - 2005 acrylic on canvas 119 x 86cm

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