Charles Blackman has attracted international acclaim as one of Australia 's masters of modern painters. His first London showings, in 1960, called attention to work that was 'big, tough and tender'. His images allude to the hidden strengths and resources of the vulnerable, such as women, children, the blind - all whom have a power that is never dimmed. Blackman's work has universal appeal, speaking an intimate language of the human condition.

Having exhibited throughout the world, Charles Blackman's paintings are represented in the National Gallery, all State and many regional galleries in Australia . He is represented in major public and private collections in Europe, Asia and America , including MOMA (France); Tate Gallery , Victoria and Albert Museum , Whitechapel and Hallmark galleries, British Arts Council (UK); Ikeda Museum ( Japan ). Charles Blackman was awarded the Silver Jubilee Medal for service to art and is Australia 's most highly sought after figurative artist.

  - Blue Nude
Blue Nude oil on canvas paper 48 x 74cm

Bouquet ink and watercolour on paper 60 x 48cm

Memory of the Ginza circa. 1990 pastel & charcoal on silk, 4 x silk panels 60.5 x 160.5cm

Blue Bouquet - 1989monotype 1/1 69 x 69cm

        Previously Available:

Lady with Vase & Flowers - 1964 oil on paper 49 x 39cm SOLD

Mother and Child - 1994oil & composition on board 75 x 50cm SOLD

Charles Blackman - Flowers in a Garden
Flowers in a Garden oil on board 40 x 56cm SOLD

The Chess Game, Screenprint 47/75, 63 x 79cm SOLD

Gladiolus - 1986Oil on Canvas, 133 x 150cm SOLD

The Fan - 1993Encaustic on Board, 51.5 x 112.5cm SOLD

Interior with Girl - 1986Oil on Paper laid with Canvas, 121 x 81cm SOLD

Burmese Cat, Etching 71/90, 60 x 40cm SOLD

(Portrait of Artist's daughter) - 1994, Oil & Composition on Board, 75 x 52.5cm SOLD

The Pink Alice, Screenprint 47/75, 71 x 69cm SOLD

Schoolgirl JumpingScreenprint 71/75, 60 x 73cm SOLD

Spring Bouquet - circa. 1986 acrylic on canvas 130 x 220cm SOLD

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