ARTHUR BOYD (1920 - 1999)

Arthur Boyd was a member of one of the most reknowned artistic dynasties of Australian art history. Influenced by his eminent artistic family, Boyd learnt painting, ceramic sculpture and pottery from an early age. Exhibiting widely since 1949 in Australia , Europe, America , Hong Kong and Asia, Arthur has became Australia 's most recognised and venerable artist. His work may also be located within the Australian National Gallery, all State and regional galleries as well as prominent public collections abroad.

Arthur Boyd's career spans more than fifty years of innovation and diversity in translating the Australian landscape, including impressionist, expressionist and figurative works and often combining biblical, mythological or fantastic scenes. His spirited imagination infused Australia 's spiritual and physical landscapes with his beautiful and haunting insight.

With the purchase in the 70s of a property in the Shoalhaven region of NSW came one of the most sustained forms of inspiration to Boyd 's work. It was here that he painted some of his most well-known studies of Bundanon and the Shoalhaven River and its surrounding landscape paintings which have achieved a quintessentially Australian evocation of that interactive spirit, through all its manifold moods and are highly sought after.

  - Untitled (Shoalhaven and Swan) c. 1980
Untitled (Shoalhaven and Swan) c. 1980 oil on board 31 x 20cm

  - Wimmera Landscape
Arthur Boyd Australian Landscape No. 1 c.1994 oil on board 90 x 120cm

  - Burnt Wheat Stubble 1
Burnt Wheat Stubble 1 circa 1949 oil on board 12 x 22cm

  - Burnt Wheat Stubble 2
Burnt Wheat Stubble 2 circa 1949 oil on board 12 x 22cm

        Previously Available:

Arthur Boyd - Jinker on the Sandbank
Jinker on the Sandbank, Shoalhaven 1986 oil on canvas 122 x 152cm SOLD

Shoalhaven Landscape with Clouds - 1990 oil on board, 30 x 20cm SOLD

Black Haired Woman Holding Handkerchief with Crying Dog - 1983 oil on canvas 152 x 146cm SOLD

Budgong Creek - circa. 1993 oil on canvas 60 x 50cm SOLD

The Unknown Potter ink drawing 50 x 67cm SOLD

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