SIR SIDNEY NOLAN (1917 - 1992)

One of the most prestigious artists in Australia art history, Nolan holds a wide international reputation. Nolan is represented in all state, regional and national collections, as well as collections in Europe, UK and USA . He has been awarded numerous honours including the Harkness Fellowship (1956), Britannica Australia Award (1969), Hons. D.Litt (ANU). In 1981 he was knighted for his service to art, and in 1983 received the Order of Merit from the Queen.

Nolan is considered a giant of twentieth century Australian art. Like Arthur Boyd and Russell Drysdale, he may be termed a visual myth maker, an artist whose expression of the Australian experience extends the way we see ourselves. A bold modernist, the young Nolan was unafraid of using radically simplified forms - the most famous of which is his stark Ned Kelly. The internationally acclaimed Kelly paintings have become icons of the national visual repertoire and earned Nolan a unique position in the history of modern Australian art.

Nolan also traveled widely in search of visual and cultural experiences which have crystallized his views on the extraordinary quality of Australian light. His Central Australian landscape series captures the vast and isolated environment, combined with the cool stillness of desert evening skies. These paintings are vividly depicted with bright yellow, orange and purple hues, evoking the harsh but vibrant Australian outback.

  - Ned Kelly
Ned Kelly ripolin on paper on board 63 x 51cm

Sidney Nolan - Lyrebird
Display mixed media 75 x 55cm

  - Kelly and Cliffs
Kelly and Cliffs mixed media on board 59 x 74cm

Sidney Nolan - Burke and Camel I
Burke and Camel I mixed media on paper 30 x 25cm

Sidney Nolan - Chrysanthenums
Chrysanthenums (1958) mixed media on paper 30 x 25cm

Sidney Nolan - Wildflowers
Wildflowers (1961) mixed media on board 52 x 63cm

Sidney Nolan - Bunch of Wildflowers
Bunch of Wildflowers (c. 1960) mixed media on board 52 x 64cm

Sidney Nolan - Central Australia IV
Central Australia IV - 1966 mixed media & oil on board 51 x 75cm

Sidney Nolan - Central Australia, Bungle Bungles
Central Australia, Bungle Bungles - 1967 mixed media on board 51 x 75cm

Sidney Nolan - Central Australia
Central Australia - 1968 mixed media on paper 57 x 65cm

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