Wagner Art Gallery under its current active Director, Nadine Wagner, deals in both the primary and secondary art markets. This long-standing gallery is founded on the historic importance of late 20th Century Australian fine art and the period’s cultural contribution to society. Over the past four decades, Wagner has consolidated a reputation of integrity and established great loyalty from artists and clients alike.

More recently the gallery has stood strongly as a platform for emerging artists who are pushing the boundaries of artistic technique and the pure expression of emotion. As life and art are interwoven, we view contemporary art as a mirror of modern life: it reflects life now and gives us a glimpse to the future.

Art by contemporary and emerging artists is totally relevant to our culture today and it is the vision of Wagner Art Gallery to connect these artists with the public, collectors and institutional and corporate collections so that all may benefit in the most enriching way. Wagner’s legacy and dedication to the arts ensures a visionary commitment to the future by keeping in touch with the great wealth of artists in this country.

Nadine Wagner